Wayne Rooney has said that he hasn’t had any conversation with Sir Alex Ferguson since the retirement of the 71 years old Scot.

Before announcing his retirement, Sir Alex had claimed that Rooney had requested for transfer. After that, there were a lot of speculations about Rooney making a move to Chelsea, but, the 28 years old English striker eventually remained at United and he has been in decent form this season.

In his most recent appearance for United against Real Sociedad yesterday, Rooney again put up a fine show and guided his team to a 1-0 win. He was declared the player of the match for his performance.

In his autobiography which is going to be published in a couple of days’ time, the Ex United boss Ferguson has written a few things about Rooney, but, that doesn’t seem to be affecting the English striker at all. According to him, whatever Ferguson has written, it’s all about past and he is not interested to talk about that.

When asked about Ferguson’s remarks, Rooney said, “It’s not something which is going to bother me. My job is to play the game and I am doing just that. I am not interested in talking about things which happened in the past. It’s the future which I am interested in.”

“Everybody is free to express his opinion. So is Sir Alex. I haven’t had a chat with him since the time he quit.”

When asked about United’s inconsistent form so far in the ongoing season, Rooney said, “We have been training hard and we have got hunger for success. Yes, I admit that we haven’t secured as many points as we would have liked to, but, we are determined to do well in the upcoming games.”

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