Wayne Rooney helped him a lot with regards to improving as a player

Manchester United defender Chris Smalling says that captain Wayne Rooney helped him a lot with regards to improving as a player.

Smalling has been one of the revelations this season. The former Fulham defender arrived at Old Trafford as someone with a lot of potential but still far from being the finished product. At 25 years of age, United are now reaping the benefits of having signed Smalling at a very young stage. The England international will now cost in excess of £ 30 million if he is to be brought to the club.

Smalling has been a bright play for United this season and he says that the words from Rooney helped him improve his game a lot. The former Everton striker has played for more than a decade at Old Trafford. He is regarded as a legend at the club. Even though his goals do not reflect his full contribution to the team, the striker has been an indispensable part of United.

Smalling says that his role in the team was questioned during the early part of his career, but it was Rooney who came out with public backing. It was the support that helped him push on. Smalling’s performances have been so good that he has won the club’s player of the month award in October.

“It made me feel great.It is such a great feeling knowing that Wazza, who is one of the best in the world, is saying such compliments. It spurs to push me on and justify that. To keep going and show that consistency,” said the defender. Despite the performances from Smalling, it looks like Manchester United will be in the market for a new central defender. Recent signings have not given complete confidence for manager Louis van Gaal, who is reportedly looking at Rafael Varane.

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