Ronaldo Will Prove To Be A Good Role Model For Sterling

Christiano Ronaldo will prove to be a good role model for Raheem Sterling according to Brendan Rogers. It is the professionalism combined with hard work and persistence which is unbeatable in all comparisons. He is the best player there is no doubt about that and to reach to the top the other young English players should take a cue from him.

Rogers has got himself in a difficult situation where he has to stop Ronaldo when Real Madrid will play with Liverpool. The way Ronaldo handled the situation and the weather made Rogers admire him all the more. He again worked hard to win the World Player award. To have a long career and especially for Sterling he advised that bit of advice from Ronaldo will do him good. Every player looks up to him, at his dedication and perseverance. Even in freezing cold he performed brilliantly.

He immediately goes for work after sipping tea water from the bottle and then throwing it away. His work is of utmost importance to him. Sterling has recently gained some undesired attention and to shape up his career he has to revolve more time towards the game. According to Rogers, Sterling has the same kind of impact at 19 as Ronaldo had.

The part is coming up when he can be as good as Ronaldo but he has to strive for it. Efficiency is the primary thing which he has to learn from Ronaldo. No doubt Messi is another great person whom Rogers admire but Ronaldo keeps on struggling and fighting for every point. Both in the club and in the international football Ronaldo has shown his class. The real clash with the Real Madrid is going to be a test for Rogers. He wants change to happen soon in football.

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