Rooney thinks Keane was the best passer

Wayne Rooney thinks that out of all the players that he has played alongside in his career thus far, Roy Keane used to pass the ball the best.
This is a big statement by Rooney considering the fact that he has been the teammate of a number of greats of the game including the likes of Ronaldo and Scholes. But, he has picked Keane out of that whole lot.
There has obviously been no doubt on Keane’s greatness as a playmaker. He was one of the very best for United, but, Rooney had the opportunity to play with him for a solitary season only.
The Everton product joined United at the start of the 2004-05 Season and it’s only during that season that he played alongside Keane.
In the summer of 2005, Keane left United to sign for Celtic where he finished his career.
But, quite clearly, in that only season, Keane left a huge impression on Rooney.
Speaking about Keane in an interview last week, Rooney said, “I used to admire Roy even before I had become a part of Manchester United set up, but, I didn’t have the idea that he would be that great especially with the passing. I thought his game was more about making tackles and all, but, no, I was wrong. He was the most effective with the passing. It was just sensational, better than anybody else I have played with to be honest.”
Most of the people generally consider Paul Scholes the best passer for United ever, but, Rooney doesn’t enjoy a great relationship with him and that might also be the reason why he did not rate the 39-year old the best in terms of passing.
Scholes retired from professional football just a year back after playing more than 500 league games for Manchester United.

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