Rooney Has Great Relationship With New Manager

In April of 2013 rumors and reports started to spread around concerning which manager was going to over and follow the legacy that was left behind by Sir. Alex Ferguson and a few weeks later it was officially confirmed that it was going to be David Moyes as he was personally selected by the Scottish manager Sir. Alex Ferguson.

When the arrival of David Moyes was looming closer and closer, Wayne Rooney reportedly announced his desire of leaving Manchester United if Moyes was indeed was going to become the next coach of the Premier League club.

Wayne Rooney and David Moyes do not have a healthy relationship as they have been involved in a number of accusations and have even been to court after Moyes sued the English attacker for defamation due to the autobiography of Rooney and it was eventually settled in court with Rooney having to apologize for Moyes as well as having to pay the Scottish manager a fee of £500,000.

Louis van Gaal is the man that has taken over Manchester United as he replaced David Moyes and so far things are going great for Wayne Rooney and his relationship with the new manager as the Englishman announced some details concerning the Dutch manager.

Rooney told reporters: “It’s been great, even at my age, to learn a new system and try to get better with the team. We have to and, over the next few weeks, I am sure we will do. In the few games so far I have enjoyed the role I have played. The closer you are to the goal, the more chance you have of scoring.”

Wayne Rooney plays a huge role in Manchester United as he was top goal-scorer for the club in the previous season and the Englishman is expected to be one of main figures at Old Trafford and their journey of reclaiming the Premier League title.

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