Zlatan Ibrahimovic steps up and defends Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney has recently been appearing in the headlines of the media but not in a positive way as the captain of Manchester United was involved in a drinking incident during his latest international break with England and the English attacker was seen drinking late at night as well as entering a wedding ceremony in a rather unexpected fashion.

This is not the only reason of why Rooney has been critiqued from the past few weeks but also because of his lack of goals. Wayne Rooney is a player that earns around £300,000 and he has historically struggled trying to score more than 20 goals in each season.

Things have not been any different for Wayne Rooney in this current season as he has not been a consistent goal-scorer with only 1 goal scored from 11 Premier League matches, although he has been serving more of a provider than an actual goal-scorer as that task has been given to Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

From 2004 until 2011, Wayne Rooney has successively scored from around 11-19 goals in each season which is extremely disappointing for a player that has always been one of the highest paid players in the entire Premier League.

Despite these underwhelming seasons and recent drinking incidents that Wayne Rooney has been involved in, his Manchester United teammate Zlatan Ibrahimovic has recently emerged to defend Rooney as the Swedish attacker said:

“I don’t see many players from England who have had the same career as him. I feel a little bit sorry of the situation because we should show more respect for him. As a person he’s fantastic, I have the luck to get to know the person. As a player, there are no words to not say about him, he’s the perfect player. Everybody knows what he can do, what he did, what he has done. I’m happy for him to break the record and I will help him to go one more then I see it as the real record.”

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